1. Detoxification Tips to Balance Your Hormones

    So many of us have lives that are full of unhealthy foods and habits that inhibit our health. If you’re always tired, moody, if your skin feels dull and lifeless, or you just feel lethargic throughout the day, it’s time to take control of your health. With alternative healing and a holistic approach to health, you can look at your own body and start healing from the inside. At SLimitless, we o…Read More

  2. What is Genetic Analysis?

    If you could see into the future, would you? If you could find out if you were predisposed to cancer or Alzheimer’s disease, would you want to know? With genetic testing, that’s what you can do. Science has made leaps and bounds and with a genetic analysis, the experts at SLimitless can create a personalized genetic diet in order to help prevent diseases from occurring. Read on to learn more a…Read More

  3. Conventional Medicine Vs. Functional Medicine

    If you’ve spent any time browsing our website here at SLimitless, you have probably encountered the term “functional medicine.” For most of us, we associate the word “medicine” with conventional medical doctors, who make diagnoses and treatment recommendations based on their medical specialties. Some of us may not even realize that there are alternative health care options, assuming that…Read More

  4. What are Alternative Healing Methods?

    People with severe diseases and illnesses, or even a disease that is not severe, can become fed up with traditional medicine. So many of the prescription drugs have harsh side effects that can be even worse than the symptoms of the disease. However, hope is out there; there is relief from symptoms of disease in alternative healing. From acupuncture to homeopathy, there are holistic approaches to h…Read More

  5. Welcome To Our Blog

    Welcome to SLimitless If you’ve watched a mother or father’s health decline with age, then you’ve probably experienced the disheartening paranoia that you will have the same problems as you get older. Sometimes, it can feel as if there’s nothing we can do to escape the destinies written by our genetic codes, that we’re simply designed to meet the same fates as our parents and their paren…Read More