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From Our Family to Yours

We often hear from individuals and families who are concerned about their own declining health, the health of their parents, and the health of their children. They seek guidance from our team to implement our proprietary three-step process called The Precision Health Address the Cause Process. This process is founded on the science of functional medicine and provides each client with their own customized plan to address the cause of their symptoms to restore health and experience vitality.

The Address The Cause Process


Advanced health examination, assessments and analytics unravel the root causes



Partner with our team of practitioners to customize a plan that you can successfully implement



Review your progress and modify your plan to ensure you are achieving your goals


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Stories of Recovery

  1. Address the Causes

    “As a marathoner the demands I put on my body are significant. When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease my times and my body were suffering. After some testing, I was finally able to begin connecting the dots. After some work I am back to my marathons and as a bonus not having to suck down those sugar packs in the middle of the race!”

    Brian D.
  2. We Create Health Together, as a Team

    “I had migraines for years I tried multiple medications, natural remedies and therapy however always had limited results. It wasn’t until I was introduced to this process that I actually began to have hope again. I knew it was different the second the doctor told me that we will create health together, as a team. The steps in the process were clear and as we peeled back the layers the pain became less and less, until one day my husband asked me, “How are things going?” I realized it’s been 28 days since my last migraine!”

    Michelle M.
  3. Step Outside the Comfort Zone

    “I was battling chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia pain and was fed up with the way I was being treated by other doctors. After connecting with the team I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and begin virtual consultations. The process we went through was very detailed and allowed me to see a clear path to my goals. With the help of my family, friends and my team I was finally able to stick with my plan and have the energy to go for a hike and walk along the beach!”

    Debbie G.

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Visit our videos page to view educational videos on longevity, functional medicine, and genomics.

We customize lifestyle and environmental recommendations to help you rewrite your health story.

We apply our three-step proprietary process to provide each client with a personalized functional medicine approach.